About Us

Section NE-1 is the Order of the Arrow Section for the nine lodges in the Northeast Region. Section NE-1 covers all of Maine, New Hampshire, Eastern Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Section History

Take a look at our history from the very beginning of Section NE-1!

Past Conclaves

Check out details of our section's past conclaves, including dates, location, patches, and leadership!

Section Leadership

Our section leadership team is made up of youth and adults. The youth leaders are the Section Chief, Vice Chief, and Secretary, as well as one member from each lodge within the section, usually the Lodge Chief, however the Lodge Chief can appoint someone to take their place and the Section Chairs, as chosen by the Section Chief. The adult leaders are the Section Adviser, Associate Advisers and the Staff Adviser, as well as one adviser per Section Chair as appointed by the Section Key 3. Meet our team here!

The Lodges

Section NE-1 serves nine lodges in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Find out more here!