Tisquantum Lodge Banquet 2017 | Lodge Highlight

Tisquantum Lodge out of Canton, MA held their annual banquet on January 9th. This banquet is famous for it's engaging program, excellent leadership, and endless Chinese food! Over 200 scouts and scouters were in attendance, including Section Chief Justin St. Louis, Section Vice Chief Mike Fingar, and Section Secretary Cameron Killian.

The program included a review of the past year lead by Mike Fingar, who was Tisquantum Lodge Chief from 2015 to 2016. The previous year had many exciting events, including a fellowship weekend in 2015, two ordeal weekends, Conclave in June of 2016, and sending a contingent to NEXT.

Next came a presentation about promoting camping and applying to be on staff at Camp Squanto. Most members of Camp Squanto staff are also members of Tisquantum Lodge.

Then, Section Chief Justin St. Louis gave a walkthrough of upcoming section events, including the Lodge Excellence Summit in March and the New England Fellowship in June.

Keynote Speaker Scott Hunter was next to speak. Scott was elected National Vice Chief in 2001, and served as lodge chief of Tatokainyanka Lodge, before being elected W-5C Section Chief. Scott is a recipient of the Vigil Honor and an Eagle Scout. Scott spoke to arrowmen about his struggle to start his own outdoor fly fishing company. He said how much harder it was to do than he thought. But, he was successfully able to start Vedavoo, and all of it's products are proudly made in America.

Next, Mike Fingar lead the Installation of New Officers. The new lodge officers are: Lodge Chief Ryan Palmer, Lodge First Vice Chief Dave Hillman, Lodge Second Vice Chief Ethan Lewis, Lodge Secretary Ben Fenelon, and Lodge Treasurer Frank Campbell.

Lodge Chief Ryan Palmer and Lodge Advisor John Larney then began recognizing scouts and scouters who had earned the Unsung Hero Award, Founders Award, and Michael V. Bhatia Humanitarian Award.

Finally, Tisquantum's head of ceremonies, Ricky Barone, lead the Vigil Callout Ceremony. 18 Arrowmen were called out, including our section's Visual Media Lead Matt Murphy.

The banquet was closed when all attendants joined hands and sung the Order of the Arrow Song. It was great to see an amazing turnout of Tisquantum arrowmen!