2017 Northeast Region National Leadership Seminar

LES Recap – March 2017

Written by Conor Power, Section eNews Lead and Will Woodring

On March 10th, 2017, 35 Arrowmen from Section NE-1 headed down to Camp Alpine in New Jersey for the Northeast Region National Leadership Seminar (NLS). This weekend-long training seminar is run by the Northeast Region Leadership Team and the NLS Staff. The purpose of the National Leadership Seminar is to develop the skills and attributes of lodge leaders, so that they can bring their new leadership tools back to their troops, chapters, and lodges.

Throughout the weekend, participants spent time in several training cells that introduce new leadership skills in a challenging and fun way. The leadership styles and techniques are reinforced with team building exercises, testing their leadership skills, and exciting games.

NLS provided participants with
1. A challenging yet inspiring and enjoyable learning environment.
2. An understanding of how to apply leadership skills.
3. A better understanding of other people and themselves.
4. A realization that everyone can improve leadership skills with practice and work.
5. An understanding that leadership skills work in tandem with each other.
6. An understanding that different situations require different leadership skills.
7. A model to evaluate themselves in the use of leadership skills.

The Northeast Region assembled a fantastic team of trainers, including 2017 National Chief Forrest Gertin, 2017 Northeast Region Chief Jon Hagenow, 2017 Western Region Chief Manúe Lopez, Section NE-1 Chief Justin St. Louis, Section NE-1 Vice Chief Mike Fingar, Section NE-1 Communications Coordinator Ryan Palmer, and several other Northeast Region Section Chiefs.

Towards the end of the seminar, participants make a contract with themselves, and promise to apply the leadership skills they learned to benefit their troops, lodges, and communities.