Chippanyonk Lodge Highlight - July 2017

Chippanyonk Lodge Highlight – July 2017

Written by Conor Power

The last two months have been very busy and productive for Chippanyonk Lodge. On April 29th, Chippanyonk Lodge hosted their annual lodge banquet at the Crystal Room in Milford, Massachusetts. Over seventy Arrowmen gathered to recognize two Founder’s Award recipients and seven Arrowmen who were called out to receive the Vigil Honor. The rest of this evening featured patch trading, the lodge trading post, tasty dinner, a guest speaker and lodge officer elections! Tristan N., who also received the Founder’s Award earlier that night, was elected Chippanyonk Lodge Chief. Also elected was John G. as Vice Chief of Program, Isaac N. as Vice Chief of Inductions, Michael G. as Secretary and Owen O. as Treasurer. On behalf of Section NE-1, congratulations to the 2017 Chippanyonk Lodge Executive Committee!

Just two weeks later, over fifty Arrowmen gathered at Camp Resolute in Bolton, Massachusetts, for the final Chippanyonk Lodge Ordeal Weekend. The Chippanyonk Lodge Executive Committee effectively organized the Ordeal and Brotherhood candidates to prepare Camp Resolute for summer camp. Candidates spent the majority of Saturday afternoon setting up tents in the campsites, as well as performing conservation work all around camp.

Also during this weekend, four Chippanyonk Lodge Arrowmen earned their Vigil Honor. The various ceremonies for the weekend were executed by the Chippanyonk Lodge Ceremony Team. Their amazing performance of the Ceremonies for the Ordeal Honor, Brotherhood Honor and Vigil Honor have made memories for the Arrowmen that will stay with them for the rest of their time with Scouting and beyond.

The weekend could not have gone on without the help of the amazing cook crew! The beautiful Camp Resolute dining hall hosted delicious meals all weekend, with patch displays, the lodge trading post and cracker barrels all weekend.

Recently, Knox Trail Council and Old Colony Council voted to consolidate the two councils and the two lodges. This year was the 20th anniversary of Chippanyonk Lodge 59, and the traditions of Chippanyonk Lodge 59 and Tisquantum Lodge 164 will be continued in the future to create a successful and efficient lodge. When asked about the consolidation, Chippanyonk Lodge Chief Tristan Niedzielski said, “I feel that this great ordeal will lead to a great consolidation with Tisquantum Lodge. Our combined traditions will lead to a unified and strong lodge”. Members of Tisquantum Lodge visited Camp Resolute during this Ordeal Weekend and enjoyed a tour of the beautiful Camp and discussed plans for the future of the two lodges, including sending contingents to the inaugural Section NE-1 New England Fellowship. Chippanyonk Lodge and Tisquantum Lodge will be sure to Embrace Tomorrow as they move forward to create a strong lodge that will cover sixty two Massachusetts communities. Congratulations to Chippanyonk Lodge, and good luck with their consolidation!