Chiefly Speaking - July 2017

Chiefly Speaking – July 2017

Written by Justin St. Louis, Section Chief

The New England Fellowship was a wonderful opportunity for Arrowmen to connect, collaborate and share ideas in an innovative and inspiring environment. Arrowmen departed the event with a renewed spirit and a powerful desire to Embrace Tomorrow, today!

As we reflect on the new friendships forged, lessons learned, and skills acquired during this event; it’s important that we don’t let these new tools get rusty.

Let’s recap.

-You learned how to be a sailor. It was discussed that any talented veteran of the sea knows quite well that the motion of the ocean and the direction of the wind are two things that are never within their control. However, their ability to navigate these challenging conditions is what turns a novice into an expert. This same principle can be applied to any Arrowman with the interest and capacity to learn how to navigate challenges in a lodge or chapter.

-You learned that change can be (and usually is) challenging, but adapting to our changing environment is critical to thriving. And since our desire to change exceeds our desire to stay the same then not even the sky is a limit to what we can accomplish together.

-Most importantly, you learned how to Embrace Tomorrow. The Order of the Arrow was founded upon the principle that not only should Arrowmen live up to the values of the Scout Oath and Law, but they should encourage others to do the same. As “Scouting’s National Honor Society” – Arrowmen are best equipped with the leadership, skills, and spirit to grow our organization; as Scouting is more important in today’s world than it ever has been before.

Each and every one of you has the opportunity and the ability to make positive change. There’s a seat at the table for you, if you want it, and we want you to want it. I could not be more thrilled to see what we will achieve together this year and I look forward to crossing paths again sometime soon!

With the energy to innovate,

Justin St. Louis
Section Chief