NEF 2021 Schedule

Program: Coffee with the Advisors: Interested in learning more about the O.A, but trainings not appealing to you? Well, sit back and grab your morning beverage and join us for our Coffee with the Advisors Q&A forum! Hear from our own section advisor Mr. Jim Ganley and our region advisor Mr. Bob Chaballa on their thoughts and reflections on some of the more pressing topics and matters going on in Scouting and the O.A today!

NEF Scavenger Hunt

The Rules:

A. All items must be found within your own house or yard
B. Items must be found in the order in which they are listed.
C. A Scout is trustworthy! Items may only be crossed off as they are seen.
D. You will have 10 minutes to search for the items listed below.
E. You will receive 1 point for every item that is turned in! Good luck!
F. Use your imagination!

Items: Answers can be a physical object or in written form when applicable.