2017 Lodge Excellence Summit Recap

LES Recap – March 2017

Written by Conor Power, Section eNews Lead and Will Woodring

On March 4th, 2017, over 100 Arrowmen from all across New England gathered for the 2017 Section NE-1 Lodge Excellence Summit. The training began at 9:00am with an introduction that introduced all of our trainers, including 2017 Northeast Region Chief Jon Hagenow, Northeast Region Chairman Bob Black, and Section NE-6B Chief Nick Dougherty. Following this, Arrowmen dispersed to their assigned training rooms.

This year, the section introduced a new track-based training system for use at LES. These tracks were designed for arrowmen with different experience levels and positions in their lodges. They were:
Engage a training program for new Arrowman. In this track, participants learned about the OA and its rich history, and were also introduced to chapter and lodge leaders from around the section. These Arrowmen were taught how they could get involved in their lodges and how crucial their role in the Order’s future is.
Envision for middle level leadership, such as chapter officers or committee chairmen. This track is generally for Arrowmen that have been in the OA for a while, or those who are in chapter leadership positions or are committee chairs. Sessions looked at event planning as well as leadership both within and outside of the OA.
Inspire was designed for lodge officers. This track looked to solve problems common to individual lodges. The track started with a game of hypotheticals and ended by asking why each is a lodge officer and what they wish to accomplish.
Empower for lodge advisers. This track focused on developing youth leaders. This was an all adult track, as much of it was focused on personal experiences with what works and what doesn’t.

The training sessions concluded at 12:30pm, and a massive pizza lunch was served before recreation time. This was a great way to bring people together from all across the Section. Arrowmen enjoyed intense dodgeball and basketball games.

To close the Summit, each arrowman worked with their other lodge members and lodge chief to develop goals that they could attain before the inaugural New England Fellowship in June. This Lodge Excellence Summit was by far the most innovative and progressive one that Section NE-1 has ever had!