A branding guide has been developed to help chapters, lodges and sections incorporate the centennial anniversary logo and totem into their memorabilia. We are excited to share this new resource and take one step closer to our year­long celebration happening in 2015. Please take a moment to download and view the branding guide.

The guide gives directions for utilizing three key visual elements: the centennial totem, the centennial logo and the centennial theme. The guide provides information about embroidery pieces, print materials, and other branded items for the centennial anniversary. Additionally, questions regarding colors, fonts and sizing are answered within the guide.

The new branding guide also contains information for all Arrowmen, lodges and sections to use for centennial anniversary promotional materials such as newsletters, emails, websites, flyers and patches. We need your help to brand 2015 as a year of celebration for our Order. By using consistent brand elements and adhering to the published guidelines, we can create a strong, unified voice for our year­long celebration.

Please also note that this totem is different from the NOAC 2015 logo. The NOAC brand assets will be released at a later date. Please use this guide to spread the word of our upcoming celebration. There is more exciting news to come your way shortly; in the meantime, feel free to reach out to branding@oa-bsa.org with any questions regarding the use of the centennial anniversary branding guidelines.

Totem, Logos and Theme Brand Assets

Download the branding guide (PDF, 1.44 MB)
Download Brand Assets in PNG Format (ZIP, 358 KB)
Download Brand Assets in EPS Format (ZIP, 14.7 MB)

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