Shows Coordinator Highlight

At the 2020 New England Fellowship, one aspect of the program has risen above the others: the evening shows! NEF shows serve the purpose of entertaining hundreds of Arrowmen, sharing information about the event, and wrapping up the weekend on Saturday night. These shows are famous for t-shirt cannons, awesome music, and exciting skits!

The shows committee is led by Owen S, a Brotherhood member of Catamount Lodge, inducted in the Fall of 2017. He's been designing shows for two years, including talent shows and theatrical productions. He mainly designs lights, but also mixes audio and runs cameras. He is currently working towards his Eagle Scout rank and will be attending the National Order of the Arrow Conference in August as a member of the shows committee. Owen is involved in multiple activities outside of Scouting, including amateur radio, FIRST Robotics Competition, and FIRST Lego League.

Owen has worked very hard, and can promise that this years show will be unlike shows of the past! On Friday, you'll be watching fellow Arrowmen compete in an NEF trivia contest for a spot in the Saturday show, which will put new pressure on Arrowmen as they strive to escape a deserted island.