A message from Jim Regarding the election procedures

Lodge Key 3s,

New England Fellowship (NEF) is just around the corner. The COC is working hard on an innovative program that I'm looking forward to seeing.
Registration is available here: https://nhscouting.doubleknot.com/event/new-england-fellowship/2802811.

As we are all navigating uncharted waters this year, I wanted to take a minute and clarify the process for election of Section Officers this year. Please share this information with any youth in your Lodge that will be seeking a section office this year.


Per the Order's Field Operations Guide (FOG): All section officers must meet the following eligibility requirements:
1. Be a registered member, in good standing, of the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scouts of America in a council within the section who has the approval, in writing and in advance of being nominated, of their council Scout executive or council Scout executive’s designee. The member’s council must be in good standing with a current charter for its Order of the Arrow lodge on file with the national service center.
2. Be younger than 21 during their entire term of office.

Written approval from Scout Executives or their designee's will be accepted via email to me at jpganley@gmail.com up until the start of the election.

The election will take place during a scheduled Zoom conference during the virtual NEF event. To facilitate Lodge conferences participants will be required to register for this meeting.

The process will be largely the same as the usual in-person elections. National Chief Zach Schonfeld has agreed to preside over the election.

Per the FOG: Nominations for section officers may be made by one of the designated council youth representatives [usually the lodge chief of their designee] when nominations are declared open at any meeting of the council of chiefs or at the conclave business meeting. Nominations shall require no second, but the nominee must accept the nomination. Nominations for each office shall be closed only once – just before balloting for that office.

Nominees must meet the eligibility requirements above. Each nominee will be given two minutes to introduce themselves to the participants of the Zoom conference.

We will utilize the Zoom breakout rooms to sequester candidates, and to enable Lodge Chiefs, or their designated youth leader to poll their lodge youth members.

Following the breakouts each lodge may cast up to a maximum of 10 votes for each office on all ballots. The designated council youth representative must cast their votes in proportion to the poll of the delegates (in whole votes, not fractions). NOTE: An accommodation has been made for 2021 to permit each lodge to cast 10 votes regardless of how many youth participants are present at the election.
Newly elected officers will take office at the conclusion of the business meeting.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to "seeing" you all the NEF.

Jim Ganley
Section Adviser