NEF 2021 Schedule

Program: Coffee with the Advisors: Interested in learning more about the O.A, but trainings not appealing to you? Well, sit back and grab your morning beverage and join us for our Coffee with the Advisors Q&A forum! Hear from our own section advisor Mr. Jim Ganley and our region advisor Mr. Bob Chaballa on their thoughts and reflections on some of the more pressing topics and matters going on in Scouting and the O.A today!

Patch Design Forum: Trying to channel your artistic side? Check-in with our resident patch designer Dylan Desrosiers on some of his biggest tips and tricks to make your own patches in the most effective manner! You’ll be able to put your skills to the test afterward, with a design competition featured in the events of the NE-1 Cup!

Video Game Tournaments: Get your game on with some of your fellow arrowman, as we will be holding video game lobbies and tournaments in Discord starting on Friday night! Feel free to play casual or join the marquee event, our Smash Brothers tournament Saturday afternoon!

Lodge Cooking Contest (NE-1 Cup): Calling all chefs into the kitchen for a special request! We are looking for chefs from each lodge to put their culinary spin on something very familiar, their lodge emblem! Feature your lodge emblem in a creative manner, and we will feature some of our favorites on social media!

Section NE-1’s Got Talent!: Ready to show us what you’ve got! Show off your talents and skills to the section judges in a 30-second video, highlighting whatever talents you’d like to share! We’ll be sharing videos on social media with your special talents throughout the day!

Staff Competitions: The Section officers will be battling to determine who has the talent! Join us to watch a friendly competition! Where you can route for your favorite officer!


Goal Setting: If you are trying to figure out how to look forward and plan ahead this is the training for you! In the goal-setting interactive training, you will not only learn how to make goals, but you will also learn why they are important. Creating effective and meaningful goals is an important skill for all leaders so make sure you don’t miss it!

How to increase Lodge Activation: If you are looking to help grow your lodge, or stop those sash and dashers this is a great discussion to join. Many lodges have effective strategies they use to keep people active in the lodge or get new members to come to their first event. If you want to share ideas or learn from other lodges make sure you join this discussion!

How to be a productive LEC member: Are you active in your lodge and trying to take that next step? In this training, you will learn about all parts of being an effective LEC member. If you are not currently a member of your LEC and wish to take that next step, you will also learn the steps to becoming a lodge leader. Make sure you join to take that next step in your OA journey.

College Applications: Are you a rising Junior or Senior? Are you terrified about applying to college? Well, fear no more! We are super excited to announce we will have a real college admissions officer to answer all your questions. After a presentation, you will be able to ask whatever you want about the college admissions process. This is an amazing opportunity so make sure you keep this time open!

How can lodges recover from COVID: This year has been a struggle for all lodges. To help with rebuilding we are offering discussions to share ideas and learn from each other. After over a year apart, it is time to come together and start rebuilding.

Team Building: It is time to get up and out of your seat! Work together to solve problems and play fun games with your lodge. With many competitions and games for your lodges to participate in making sure you sign up!

Engaging Troop Reps/Troop Rep Workshop: These underutilized Arrowmen could be a game-changer with proper training. Learn how to reach out to troop OA Representatives. Who would be better to share information, promote events, and activate lodge members than someone in their troop? It is time to start activating new members by learning how to properly use troop OA representatives.

Lodge Best Practices: Do you have an idea you are ready to share? Are you trying to learn from your peers? Make sure you stop by the best lodge practices discussion. Here lodges will get to share all their best ideas and in return learn from everybody else. Come help make our section stronger by teaching and learning.